FileMaker software are applications for individuals, workgroups and organizations that need to manage information and automate tasks. FileMaker software are known for their combination of power and ease of use.

FileMaker software are unique in their class of software because their tools are easy to use graphical tools and are integrated. Most software that manage information separate their tools among several computer applications and many of these tools are difficult to use by untrained users.

The following are some of the benefits of FileMaker software (click each statement to find out). For more information or to find out how we can help you take advantage of these benefits, Contact D-Cogit.

FileMaker software is affordable

FileMaker software have a low initial cost of ownership (ICO). It is possible for up to ten people to use a single licence of FileMaker Pro without using any server software. Licenses can be purchased or leased and special pricing exists for volume purchasing.

FileMaker software also have a low total cost of ownership (TCO). Upgrade and side-grade pricing and maintenance programs offer important discounts when compared to the ICO and ensures you always have affordable access to the latest version of the software you need.

TCO extends further than the cost to upgrade your software, however. FileMaker software is so easy to use that outside help is rarely required to create or maintain solution, saving a lot of money. When desired or required, the software’s rapid application development environment makes the cost of hiring consultants, such as D-Cogit, much less expensive than competing information management solutions.

When you consider the low cost of ownership, it is clear that FileMaker software are very cost effective as compared to competing solutions on the market today. Compare the low cost of ownership and development with the efficiencies gained by using your own solutions and you will see how quickly FileMaker software pay for themselves.

FileMaker software are easy to use

FileMaker software have won over 130 awards worldwide in great parts for their ease of use.

Consider these: The average user is able to install FileMaker Pro in less than ten minutes; All the tools, those for designing the structure of the information, those for designing the screens, forms and reports, those for searching, those for creating automated tasks and those for managing the server, are easy to use graphical tools that require little to no programming and are integrated; The built-in documentation is written in layman’s terms.

FileMaker Pro empowers you to create tools that meet your needs

Using software tools that do not fulfill your needs always result in higher costs. FileMaker solutions can be made to your specifications, be usable on multiple platforms, be modifiable and be able to exchange information with other technologies.

FileMaker Products include features that automate repetitive tasks, speed entry, ensure accuracy, and help reduce input and spelling errors. They also include all the elements you need to build screens, forms and reports that support your unique needs in a single integrated environment. You can add fields, buttons, logos or other design elements to make your solution look the way you want. You can develop your solutions on your computer and easily deploy them to a network without modification.

The richness of the feature set, the ease of use and the rapid application development nature of FileMaker Pro helps you become more self-sufficient in solving your information management needs. You can create and implement FileMaker solutions often without the need for help from your IT department, if you have one. This reduces the demands on the IT department's resources and reduces your dependence on the IT department.

FileMaker Pro is a RAD application

Rapid application development (RAD) describes a development process aimed at speeding application development, such as the use of graphical tools in FileMaker Pro. RAD enables faster development and facilitates maintenance.

Making screens, forms and reports in FileMaker Pro is quick and requires little to no need for programming. Programming is easy and natural - every statement is pre-made and selectable with a mouse and every statement’s options are displayed and simple. Searches require no programming whatsoever.

All these translate into faster development, which in turn translate into reduced cost, which in turn translates into a faster return on investment.

FileMaker software are cross-platform software

FileMaker software run on the Windows® operating system and on the Mac OS® X operating system. The majority of their features work identically on both operating systems. A few run slightly differently on both and some are specific to an operating system because they are features of the operating system (such as the AppleScript® software compatibility on Mac OS X and OLE on Windows).

FileMaker Pro integrates with many existing technologies

Direct integration with other information management software is possible through through the use of technologies such as SQL, XML, ODBC and JDBC. Indirect integration with other software is possible through the use of export and import files, including comma-separated value files (csv), tab delimited files (tab or txt), XML files, Microsoft Excel files and Bento files.

Communication with other software is also possible through the use of plug-ins, AppleScript® and OLE

FileMaker software are mature

FileMaker Pro has been around since 1985 and it has evolved regularly. The feature set is rich and well refined. The software is reliable, as demonstrated by the sales of over 13 million units. FileMaker software is a vital part of many organizations.

FileMaker, Inc. is a stable and dedicated company

Even if its name has changed, Filemaker Inc, has been producing FileMaker software since 1988. It has been profitable every quarter since 1999. It is focused entirely on the production of two information management software: FileMaker software and Bento®, a personal information management software aimed at consumers.

Filemaker Inc, is dedicated to the FileMaker software. It runs two paid community programs, FileMaker Business Alliance, a business community, and TechNet, a developer community. It hosts DevCon, a yearly developer conference. It hosts or links to a number of community groups, including forums, user groups, email lists and newsgroups, and it even hosts a FileMaker software specific job board.

Resources you need to develop abound

There are many resources to help you develop your FileMaker Pro solution. These range from built-in help, starter solutions, tutorials, on-line discussion groups, forums, developer communities and business communities. Best of all, Filemaker Inc, has aggregated many of these resources on a few of its WEB pages.

TechNet, FileMaker, Inc's developer community, counts over 6000 members, and the FileMaker Business Alliance, FileMaker, Inc's business community, counts over 1200 vetted members. There are a number of community groups, including forums, user groups, email lists and newsgroups. You can even look for work or look for employees or contractors on a job board.

Filemaker Inc, helps you learn by hosting DevCon, a yearly developer conference, by producing training manuals, webinars and tutorials and by linking to instructor-led courses.